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Specializing in Thai cuisine.


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The delivery from this restaurant is SO fast. And the food is delicious! I love the fried rice and the drunken noodles! And I really appreciate the gluten free options, too!


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What can I say' you guy's did it again.Excellent job! I " will spread the word her at United parcel Service. Very your's Truly! Bridgeline.u. p.s


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Always a great place. I've been going here for years, both eating in and taking out. Amazing food and very reasonable. LOVE all their curries.


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No way to evaluate a restaurant from a delivery order! Food was great, that's all I can say, so don't ask me any more.


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Green curry was sooooo good. A little spicy, but not too much, even for a wimp. Dumplings were bomb too!

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Wow!...and I mean, for real, no joke, not employed by the restaurant to write "anonymous" reviews about our own place, actual reviewer typing WOW! Now, I know what you are thinking, "that's exactly what someone working for that place would type in a crappy attempt to play the rookie seamless user(or Yelp or whatever the kids are using these days) and I'm not buying that baloney!" Good, don't buy any bologna, buy this Thai food won't be disappointed. Tasty, fresh and fast couldn't be much easier than that folks. If one were to be picky one could mention that the veggies were on the more aldent side of things but considering that this is an online review of delivery Thai food we don't really reserve the right for Michelin level critique now do we? Not to mention, the crunch speaks to the fact that the veggies didn't jump out of a freezer and into my Thai Basil(gotta love those cell nerdos know what I'm takin about)!

First time? Yes. Last time? Not even close!


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Delicious food delivered faster than I can comprehend and excellent customer service to boot! Everything is hot, fresh, and the rocket shrimp is crispy. I'm giving 5/5 because they replaced my green curry after messing up the protein (they gave me chicken although I'd ordered tofu). I forgot to tip the second time around...but Galanga has a new regular with me. Amazing food, amazing service, couldn't be happier :) I know this sounds over-the-top positive but it's also new year's eve and I had really low standards with that in mind. They exceeded those standards by a lot. So good.


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I love Galanga - food is always great and often arrives much more quickly than the stated delivery time. I usually get the larb gai salad which is so light and fresh, and the krapow kai khai dow (ground chicken stir fry with basil) which is yummy and perfectly seasoned. The red curry is also great and so is the phad Thai. From the appetizers the satay and the sweet corn cakes are delicious. Final mention to the noodle soups which are amazing too!


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I ordered the green curry with duck and a side of sticky rice. The curry was rich and fragrant with a nice amount of duck though I can never eat enough duck lol. The sticky rice was perfect, just like having it in Thailand. I think the packing containers can be better quality as it was leaking some when it arrived to my apartment. Other than that the food was outstanding.


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I've been going to this place for almost 4 years so I was excited to see they're finally offering delivery! Their drunken noodles are really amazing and the quality didn't suffer at all from having to be delivered. The prices are really reasonable and the delivery was very fast. I'd also recommend the corn fritters and the crispy duck salad.

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